Best Day of the Week to Move House

Best Day of the Week to Move House
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According to Phil Spencer, a property expert, the best day to move house is a Tuesday. This is often the quietest time of the week for removal companies and other professionals. As a result, they can offer cheaper rates to lure customers. Also, moving midweek allows you to deal with any problems.


If you’re moving to a new home, you should schedule your move on a Friday. This gives you a long weekend to settle into your new place and an extra day to deal with post-move tasks. There are other reasons to choose a Friday as the best day to move house.

Best Day of the Week to Move House

Most people have a busy work schedule during the week, so moving on a Friday can be particularly convenient My Go to movers in Edmonton. Many people can take Friday off work, which gives them a whole weekend to unpack, unwind, and settle into their new home. However, moving on a Friday means that removal firms and estate agents are under even more pressure than usual, which means you might be unable to find a company that can help you on a Friday.

Moving house on a Friday is cheaper than moving on a Saturday or Sunday. Most moving companies offer discounts for Friday moves. Moving on a Friday also allows you to choose a more convenient day for you and your family. The most common days for moving house in the UK are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you can plan your move carefully, you may be able to save money on removal services and avoid a weekend fee.

Moving on a Friday also allows you to avoid problems with banking and utilities. Banks sometimes will not open on a Friday, making it difficult to get your funds cleared. In addition, if you’re transferring money from one account to another, your solicitor will not be available until Monday. This could result in a delay in your moving day.

Avoid moving on a Monday.

The second-most popular day to move house is Monday. Moving companies are often booked for the weekend, leaving Monday as an extra day for you to settle in and pack your things. A Monday moving day also means you can take time to pack and label your items, as the weekend is already a busy day.

Moving on a weekend can be expensive and stressful. You may be able to save money on removal companies and other fees by moving on a weekday instead of a weekend. If you are working, you might also want to move to a Friday instead of a Monday. Sunday is an especially bad day to move house, as many services are closed on Sundays.

Moving on a Monday also has its downsides. Not only is it difficult to get everything packed, but you may also find it difficult to unpack everything. To avoid this, consider booking extra days off work. Remember, moving doesn’t stop when you arrive at your new home.

Choosing a mid-week moving date will save you money, and you can contact removal companies more easily. You can even book an extra day off work on Thursday to avoid paying extra on a weekday. The last thing you want is to rush a move because it won’t be completed on time.

Although most people plan their moves on a weekend, it’s not always the best day. If you’re a do-it-yourself-mover, it’s worth trying to plan it on a weekday, preferably Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s also not a good idea to move during major holidays.

Avoid moving on a Tuesday.

If you can avoid moving on a Tuesday, it will make your move more efficient. Most removal companies are less busy during the week, and you’ll find it easier to book a moving company now. In addition, you may be able to find a better price for your removal services.

It is also considered auspicious to move on an auspicious day. Some of the most auspicious days include Cheng Day, Horse Day, and Ecliptic Day. Aside from these, the inauspicious days include Bai Day, Heidao Day, and Bai Day. Moving on a Tuesday is bad luck for several reasons. Besides, if you’re moving on a Tuesday, you will have to deal with new neighbours’ busy lives, so it’s best to avoid this day.

Moving on a Friday is also not the best time to move house. Moving on a Friday is expensive and can cause major problems if things don’t go as planned. For example, the removal company is already under pressure from the other parties in the chain and may not be available to move you on a Friday.

Moving on a Monday can give you the extra time to pack and organize your things the weekend before. This also allows you to double-check your possessions one more time. If you are a full-time worker, this can be a real bonus. A Monday is the second most popular day for moving. Besides being a great day for packing, moving on a Monday will also allow you enough time to leave your current home.

Avoid moving on a Thursday.

If you are moving home, you should avoid moving on a Thursday. It is the last day of the month, meaning bank money transfer systems are overloaded. Often, this means a longer wait to receive your money. A recent Homeowners Alliance study found that over 115,000 home moves are delayed annually due to delayed money. On average, delays cost PS509 per move, and one in seven people lost more than PS1,000.

Another reason to avoid moving on a Thursday is the difficulty in finding a van on Thursday. Many people believe Thursday is the luckiest day to move, but moving on this day can make it more difficult to find a van that will fit your needs. Moving on Friday, on the other hand, is the most popular day for house moves, with 28% of movers choosing this day. The second most popular day is Saturday, followed by Monday.

The best day of the week to move is a Friday or Saturday. These days are generally less hectic and offer more time and resources to complete the move. In addition, you won’t feel rushed. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the extra stress associated with moving on a weekday.

Other days to avoid moving house include Shravana, Ashvina, and Kartika (also known as Chaturmas). These months are not good for moving into a new home. Moving on a Monday is the second most popular day, but it does mean a long weekend for packing.

Avoid moving on a Friday.

There are several reasons why it is best to avoid moving house on a Friday. First of all, Fridays are notorious for traffic jams. If you’re planning on moving on a Friday, it’s best to move early or late in the evening. You’ll also have more time to pack and label boxes.

Second, removal companies are usually busier on Fridays, so you’ll pay a higher price. Also, finding an available mover will be more difficult. If you encounter any issues during the move, you’ll most likely have to wait until the next week, which can cost you more money.

Moving on a Friday is also a bad idea if you don’t want to be bothered by your new neighbours. Besides being too busy for work, you won’t have as much time to get everything in place. Plus, you’ll have to worry about utilities and relocating your furniture. The last thing you need is a stressful day!

Moving on a Friday will also make the money transfer process more difficult. Your lender will want to ensure you have all the necessary money to close the deal. You must have the money transferred by 3 pm on a Friday so you can move in the next day. If you’re planning to move on a Friday, stay in touch with your solicitor to make sure all of the necessary arrangements. In addition, you may want to request that your mortgage money be transferred on a Monday, so your move is not disrupted.

A Friday can be a good day to move house, but there are several disadvantages. Banks are less likely to be open on Fridays, and removal firms may be busy. Besides, problems with bank transfers are harder to fix. Additionally, removals and utilities may be delayed.