Is Spermidine Safe to Take?

is spermidine safe to take 4901

is spermidine safe to take 4901

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In recent years, many researchers have looked into the effectiveness of spermidine as a heart health supplement. They discovered that it inhibits inflammatory cytokines, promotes autophagy, and modulates T-cells, reducing inflammation. In a new study, researchers found that it was associated with a reduced risk of heart failure and coronary artery disease. But is it safe to take?

spermidine inhibits inflammatory cytokines

In studies, spermidine reduced the production of several inflammatory cytokines in a variety of cell types. In this way, it is possible to prevent the production of inflammatory mediators. This drug may also alter the function of T cells and the encephalitogenic activity of CD4+ T cells. However, more research is needed to determine whether spermidine inhibits the production of inflammatory cytokines in humans.


inhibits autophagy

Despite its potential to suppress autophagy, spermidine has recently received considerable attention for its therapeutic potential spermidine supplement. While this drug is also able to differentially enhance autophagic flux, the connection between spermidine and autophagy activity remains unclear. However, it does affect compensatory mechanisms in Aggrephagy receptors. As a result, spermidine may represent an alternative autophagy inducer.

modulates T-cells

Spermidine modulates T-cells by inhibiting NF-kB signaling, regulating the stability of IkBa and p65, and reducing expression of NF-kB-targeted genes in macrophages. These findings suggest that spermidine may have a therapeutic effect on EAE. Moreover, it is a safe and effective alternative to chemotherapy.

reduces inflammation

Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine that has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Though the mechanisms of action of this compound are not yet fully understood, scientists have demonstrated that it can suppress inflammation and oxidation. Several studies have evaluated the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of spermidine. In this article, we’ll review some of these findings. You can also download the full-text of the study to learn more.

alleviates obesity

The oral supplement spermidine alleviates obesity and other metabolic disorders by regulating the function of the hypothalamus. Spermidine also alters the composition of the intestinal microbiota and inhibits lipogenic gene expression through an AMPK-mediated mechanism. In addition, it promotes nicotinamide regeneration and decreases the activity of a molecule known as nicotinamide N-methyltransferase, which is an important metabolic enzyme. These processes increase energy expenditure and prevent obesity.

prevents Parkinson’s disease

Research has shown that spermidine can improve the bioavailability of resveratrol, a CRM. Spermidine and resveratrol enhance autophagy in distinct ways. However, when spermidine is combined with resveratrol, autophagy is significantly increased. This could pave the way for human trials. And the combination of these two compounds is also promising, as both agents induce autophagy through distinct mechanisms.