Riverside Oral Surgery – Official Oral Surgeon of the NJ Devils

riverside oral surgery official oral surgeon of the nj devils 4728

riverside oral surgery official oral surgeon of the nj devils 4728

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Riverside Oral Surgery is the Official Oral Surgeon of the NJ Devils. The practice was founded in 2007 and now has eleven state-of-the-art locations in five counties of Northern New Jersey. Riverside’s 15 surgeons use cutting-edge technology and offer a full range of oral surgery procedures, from wisdom tooth removal to dental implants and surgical management of oral cancer. In addition to a wide range of surgical procedures, Riverside is also an expert in implant dentistry.

Riverside Oral Surgery

Riverside Oral Surgery is proud to be the Official Oral Surgeon of the NJ Devils. As one of the largest surgeon-owned practices in New Jersey, Riverside has taken safety measures to protect its patients. One such measure is requiring that all employees receive COVID-19 vaccinations. This policy was implemented well before the new vaccine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Such policies are examples of forwarding thinking in the leadership of the practice.

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