Driving Instructor Salary in UAE

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The average annual salary for a Driving Instructor is AED 123,390, and the range is from AED 91,710 to AED 150,875 per year. The minimum educational requirement is a High School degree.

Compensation data is based on a survey of employees conducted by ERI, and cost of living data from actual housing sales and effective income tax rates. For more information, visit the ERI website.

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Driving Instructor Salary

The salary range for driving instructors varies widely, depending on their experience and skills. For example, someone with two to five years of experience makes approximately 3,320 AED per month. A person with five to ten years of experience earns around 5,770 AED per month.

The average monthly salary for a driver will increase by as much as 30 percent after a decade of employment. The salary increases for new and experienced drivers will vary, too.

The average salary for a bus driver in the United Arab Emirates is 4,070 AED. This figure includes accommodation and transportation. However, the number of years of experience will impact the amount of salary Driving Lesson East London. Some driving instructors earn as much as six figures a year. In other words, you can expect to earn a salary of up to ten times the national average. A driver’s salary can vary drastically.