Key Elements of Fashion Dress Design

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There are several key elements of a fashion dress. Designers use various styles to enhance the figure. Some of them include a trumpet skirt, a corseted bodice, and a wide shoulder. Some designers use fabric texture to emphasize certain features of the design.

Fashion Dress Design

The hand and drape of a fabric influence how the garment looks and feels. Choosing the right fabric for a particular style is crucial. A designer may have a sample of fabric in her sketchbook to help with the development of her design.

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After creating rough sketches, fashion designers make specific working patterns. These are called toiles and are created by sewing the design onto inexpensive material, typically muslin onesie boys. Once these rough prototypes are complete, designers place them on mannequin-like dress stands to see how the fabric and design drape on a human form.

This way, they can see how the final product will look and feel. Once the draft is complete, the designer can then move on to the next step.

To develop a specific working pattern, a fashion designer will create a rough prototype of the design on a mannequin-like dress stand. This allows the designer to see how the materials drape on a human body and helps them make an accurate sketch.

However, once a prototype is complete, a designer will work on a full-scale prototype. If the project is a high-end production, a designer may take more than one muslin prototype.