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You can buy your favorite IQOS products online from IQOS Dubai. The company offers international shipping and will deliver to any UAE city. The IQOS website offers a variety of branded products at the best prices in the UAE.

IQOS Dubai

The company also offers same-day delivery. If you’re interested in purchasing IQOS in Dubai, you can shop from our website or contact us. We’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your needs.

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IQOS uses heat-not-burn technology to release vapors that mimic the smell of a real cigarette. In contrast, conventional cigarettes burn the tobacco material to produce ash Best online iqos shop in Dubai. IQOS uses heat to extract the plant material, so the vapor produced by IQOS is similar to the vapor produced by portable cannabis vaporizers. The IQOS Dubai consists of intricately-manufactured tobacco sticks that emit the real essence of tobacco when heated.

IQOS Dubai combines the convenience of a vaporizer with the taste of a traditional cigarette. The device’s vapor-based system delivers nicotine through a vapor-based system. It uses real tobacco leaf to filter the vapor. Just like cigars, IQOS burns tobacco leaf, producing a rich-tasting vapor with almost no tar and no harmful toxins.