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Mold removal in New Orleans is one of the toughest challenges faced by a home or business owner. Whether you are new to New Orleans or have been a resident for many years, mold is always a concern. In areas of high humidity, like New Orleans, mold and mildew can build up very quickly and become a big problem.

Industrial Institute of Health

Even the smallest amounts of moisture cause mold growth and it is virtually impossible to eliminate this growth without some type of clean-up process. The only way to completely get rid of mold is to eradicate the conditions that encourage its growth in the first place. Cleaning mold out of your home or business will be one of the most important things you do as a New Orleanian.

By hiring an Industrial Institute of Health & Safety (IICRS) certified professional mold removal and/or mold remediation company, you can protect your family, health and property mold inspection. Mold is a common part of nature and plays an essential role in nature; however, indoors, mold simply needs to be prevented. Mold begins to grow when moisture is trapped in the air. When this happens, mold starts to grow-it’s that simple.

There are several mold removal services in New Orleans that you can call if you have questions about removing mold, or need advice about the best cleaning and remediation options for your particular situation How to Prevent Mold Growth. IICRC is the only licensing organization in Louisiana that approves mold testing by qualified professionals (Industrial Institute of Health & Safety) to determine if mold-related hazards are present in a commercial or residential environment.

It is important that you call a mold remediation company before you begin any type of mold cleaning or mold removal project. Mold can grow extremely quickly under certain conditions and present very serious health and safety concerns. If you are having problems with black mold, then you should have your home inspected by an expert mold removal company as soon as possible.

Don’t take mold prevention for granted-removing mold from inside and out can ensure the protection of your health and the safety of your family. For more information about mold removal and remediation in New Orleans, contact the following commercial cleaning and mold removal companies: