Gold Report, The Golden Years of the Gold Eagles and Other Elements

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The Gold Report is a quarterly magazine that focuses on the precious metals industry. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the precious metals industry both long term and short term. This report also calculates the industry size, gold reserves, sales, price, revenue, profit, net investment, gross margin, and market share. It also compares the spot price of gold against the futures prices. While looking at the statistics and business data it becomes easier to understand why the precious metals industry is doing well.

Gold Report

For instance, the precious metals industry is doing well due to the demand for platinum. Even the supply of platinum is not enough to meet the growing demand which drives the price up. Due to this factor, the price for platinum is relatively higher than the other precious metals at this URL. It is expected that the long-term growth rate of this industry will be above 14%. Since the last quarter, the Platinum Market Trend Report has shown a slight increase in the sales of palladium, silver, ruthenium, molybdenum, iolite, yttrium, and zirconium.

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In the last few years, the United States was the largest producer of golden eagles, however now China is overtaking America and is creating more gold. In the next few years, India and Brazil are going to join the production race. By 2040 India is expected to produce more gold than the rest of the world combined.

As gold prices continue to rise the precious metals industry will continue to grow which will benefit the economy of the United States. The golden years of the golden eagles will come and eventually, the world will use precious metals as money.