South Africa – Themed Mommy and Me Sets

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Mother and Baby are some of the most popular fashion dolls on the market today. This line of popular toys was created in 2021 by outgoing South African beauty therapist Jacaranda da Silva with her husband Andre du Preez. The couple was tired of traditional baby doll dolls, so they decided to design a more unique line of dolls that included a baby. In only a few months, Mambino was born. It turned out to be a great decision on their part.

Themed Mommy and Me Sets

Currently, Mambo has three lines: Mambo Organic, Mambo Trouble, and Mambo Wild. Each line of the toys is completely different and has all different themes including animals, cars, jungle, safari, and many more. Because of their uniqueness, each doll has a limited number of different designs that she can have. Some of the designs come from popular cartoon characters and television shows, while others are more simple and just inspired by the natural beauty of South Africa.

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Mambo Organic mommy and me sets are available in a number of colors including pastel pink, orange and yellow. These are the most common color combinations for this particular line, but you will find some sets with other colors that are not as common as the others mommy and me sets. The organic designs are all very colorful, with many of the items being made out of faux suede and other synthetic materials that look and feel real.

The sets feature many different fabrics and little accessories that are brightly colored and made from textiles. Many of the pieces have designs that feature fruits, vegetables, and other cute little accessories. They also often come with bottles of drink that are designed to look like mommy and me holding babies in their arms or holding babies in their hands.

Mambo Trouble is also another popular line of baby girl sets that features girl-friendly designs and bright colors. The Mambo Trouble themes come with a pink and blue design that includes a baby on a pot of rice. There are also lots of different pots that have little cakes on them or other little girl icons. The sets do not have very detailed designs, which makes them more like playsets than mommy and me sets, but the overall theme is cute and appealing.

When it comes to the outfits that are available for these dolls, they do not feature as many as mommy and I sets, but what they do have is adorable outfits. The Mambo Pals outfit is a great example of this. It is a two-piece outfit that is baby pink with a blue flower print. It is a one-piece outfit that can easily be machine washed and dries up quickly when it gets wet. It also has a Velcro strap that goes around the back of the baby to secure it in place.

The most popular designs for these sets are the ones that have baby African mammals in them, which makes sense since most moms know how much they want their children to look like them. There is also another mommy and me sets that feature different animals and countries, such as those that feature koalas from Australia. Mambo Pals sets are popular because they are so versatile, which makes it easy for mommy and me to change out our accessories to keep our little ones as unique as we want them to be.