Landscape Designer V’s Landscape Architect

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One of the most difficult questions that an amateur landscape designer may ask is whether to hire a landscape designer or landscape architect Land Surveyors Cardiff. These two professions are actually quite different. A landscape architect has a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture, which usually means that he or she will have been trained for many years in the field.

Landscape Architect

On the other hand, a landscape designer typically only needs a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, so he or she will not be as experienced Land Surveyors Cardiff. So what makes a landscape architect so much more capable than a landscape designer?

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One key difference is in the level of detail that they can give you in designing your landscape. Landscape architecture requires so much more detail when it comes to planting selection, space planning, lighting, etc. Landscape gardeners typically just do things very simply Landscaper Pleasant Hill CA. They may use plants and shrubs that are available at the nearest grocery store. However, they can give you a much more beautiful garden if you take into account things like weather, sunlight exposure, privacy, the size of your yard, and others.

Landscape gardeners also understand the importance of planting certain plants in certain areas. This is a skill that some horticulturists do not have. Some horticulturists are only interested in how many different types of plants he or she can grow in a limited space. Landscape designers are more concerned with certain plant species and where they should grow. This is a huge part of horticulture, but it is also something that an experienced landscape designer is better equipped to handle.