What is the Signage For a Vehicle Towing Away Zone?

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wapt image 3972

A vehicle tow-away zone is a place where you have to leave your vehicle and if you are in such a zone, no one can legally tow it away. The vehicle tow-away zone is usually indicated on the local street signage and it is usually located at the corner of the road or beside the road. There are a few other ways by which people know where the tow-away area is.

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Vehicle Towing Away Zone: this sign illustrates a vehicle tow-away zone and it is usually on the left-hand side of the road. Vehicles traveling at the rate of speed of 50 km/h or more have to use alternative routes for those who don’t have access to a public transportation service.

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Towing services are available in several locations and they generally charge a fee for towing. Vehicles cannot be driven onto a highway for security reasons. The fee for this service is usually determined by the model of the vehicle being towed (i.e., van, minivan, etc.)

Dual Carriageway: this sign is usually located on the interstate highway near the busy traffic congestion area in front of major roads (such as I-35.) This signifies that there are two lanes of moving traffic on the roadway. When the highway is first opening, the drivers are directed to use the one lane facing south towing in Canberra ACT. Drivers may then use the other lane facing north when the highway is closed. This is used to increase traffic capacity during periods when there is a large amount of vehicle traffic.