Health Foods & Dietary Supplements Association

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The Health Foods & Dietary Supplements Association is an organization that works towards the protection of the health of Americans.

Health Foods

This association was formed in 1997 to represent the interests of the consumers of dietary and health foods and dietary supplements. Their mission is to promote and support the use of natural health products for promoting wellness, good health, and long life.

Nuts, Seeds, Almonds, Pistachios, Mix

The Health Foods & Dietary Supplements Association represent manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers of health foods and dietary supplements fitness supplement. They also provide educational information about these products and about health-related issues. Members must agree to abide by certain policies and guidelines laid out by the association such as not selling any misleading or false health foods information to customers.

They also want members to educate the public on the uses and benefits of dietary supplements. The Educational Program and Marketing Services Section of the Health Foods & Dietary Supplements Association provides seminars, webinars, and product launch events to further educate the public and increase membership numbers.

One of the goals of the association is to increase awareness about nutrition, drug interactions, and healthy aging among the public. They also work towards making dietary supplements legal by putting into consideration the laws already in place.

The Health Foods & Dietary Supplements Association was formed to help people develop a better understanding of and be aware of the various dietary supplement products that are available on the market. This association is very helpful in providing information about new products on the market.