Wedding Dress Removals: Fitting Two Weeks in Advance

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Wedding dress alterations are essentially the adjustment and tailoring of your wedding dress. Your seamstress will generally take your current measurements, pin your existing seams, and then take your new measurements to the dressmaker who will then alter your dress accordingly. Without proper alterations, your ideal designer wedding dress is likely to fit loosely, flatter your figure, and fail to highlight your natural curves and shape.

Wedding Dress Removals

But by choosing a gown with good alterations, you can ensure that you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. If you’re worried about getting your perfect wedding dress alterations, here are five tips for ensuring your tailored wedding dress looks just as stunning as you dreamed it would!

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Be in agreement with your tailor. If you can’t agree with your tailor about what alterations should be made, or how many fittings should be done, make sure you discuss this first before making any purchases the sposa group. If the two of you can’t sit down and talk things over, it may be best to choose another tailor to work with, or simply avoid purchasing a wedding dress from a shop with which you don’t have a good relationship.

Remember, you are paying for the alterations and fittings of your wedding dress, so it’s important to find someone you can trust. This doesn’t mean you have to go through every tailor on your list, but it does mean you should do your research and try to find a person or company you feel comfortable working with.

Be patient. There are two weeks between your first fitting and your second fitting. That’s plenty of time to make the necessary changes, as many fittings can be carried out within these two weeks, as opposed to six months or more during which a dress may be made entirely from one firm.

Keep in mind that your wedding dress alterations will likely take place at least one week in advance, as the final fitting will also be done one week in advance, although this might vary depending on the person doing the fitting. Be sure you have your final fitting appointment booked in advance, as there will inevitably be delays due to high volumes of traffic during this period.