Which Dosage of Spermidine Supplement Dosage is Right For You?

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When it comes to spermidine supplement dosage, there are many things that you need to know. You will need to know how much spermidine to take, in what form and how often.

Spermidine Supplement Dosage

The type of spermidine that you are taking will also affect your dosage. You also need to know about other supplements and herbs that can help your body produce spermidine.

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First you need to understand the dosage. This will be different for everyone, because everyone has varying amounts of spermidine in their bodies. The average dosage of spermidine in one teaspoon of the powder form is about three hundred and twenty milligrams buy spermidine. It should not exceed this amount in any given day. If it is taken in this high dosage, then there are many side effects that can occur.

When you are considering taking spermidine, you should know that this increase in levels of spermidine will not help you to train faster or to build muscle more quickly. The increase in spermidine does not increase muscle mass but it increases the amount of energy and stamina that your body has. This increase in stamina may help you do a little extra jogging, running or walking. These are all physical activities that will help to improve your health.

As you look at the many different spermidine supplements, they all target spermidine and some of them are targeted at different parts of the body. The powder form of spermidine will be absorbed best by your system because of the large molecular size.

The other forms of spermidine will either enter the bloodstream directly or it will be metabolized through the liver. In either case, it will need to go through the kidneys and then be distributed throughout the rest of the body.

A recommended spermidine supplement dosage is one hundred and twenty milligrams taken three times a day. You can also get this dosage in an oral supplement. Some people do find that spermidine works better in their systems when it is consumed as an oral supplement rather than in the powder form because the powder form tends to have a more consistent dosage.

One benefit of spermidine for bodybuilders is the ability of the supplement to help them recover from intense exercise. The supplement also speeds up the breakdown of proteins and fats helping to rid the body of toxins that cause pain and suffering. It also helps the body repair muscle tissue. When you combine all of these benefits with the reasonable price of spermidine it is easy to see why this amino acid has become a very popular addition to many bodybuilding supplements today.