Houston Executive Airport – Runway Information

aircraft 1499171 340

aircraft 1499171 340

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Houston Executive Airport (CEB) is an airfield owned by Houston International Airport Commission (HCMA). It is the largest commercial airport in south Texas, serving flights from nearly all major airports in the US.

Houston Executive Airport

The airport serves all US Airways, Continental, US Airways, and Texaco flights. It is about 20 miles from downtown Houston and less than a half-hour by car. It is also situated within close proximity to downtown Houston and it’s within walking distance of several major attractions in the Houston area.

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The Houston Airport System (HAPS) manages the traffic flow into and out of the Houston Executive Airport. Houston Hobby Airport (HDO), is adjacent to the airport and it is served by two other nearby airports – Houston Love Field and Hobby Airport.

The two airports are owned and operated by Continental Airlines, Inc. The airport’s Instrument Operated Airplane System (IAAS) also serves Cessna aircraft and Piper aircraft. Several hundred thousand people pass through the airport on an annual basis.

The main commercial airports in Houston are HML airport (HSL), which is approximately 18 miles away and is the fourth busiest airport in Texas according to airplane traffic reports. Another airport that is nearby is the Menso Airport (MSA), which is also the third busiest private jets charters houston. The third busiest commercial airport in Texas is Lackland AFB, located just north of Houston, it is the home of the Texas Air National Guard’s 41st Fighter Wing.

Other important airports near Houston Ellington Field (FEZ), which are the home of the Edwards Air Force Base, and Houston Hobby Airport (HCMA), which is the nearest major airport to Houston and is the second busiest. There are numerous highways, freeways, and expressways in close proximity to the Houston Executive Airport.

The Houston Executive Airport has three terminals. The majority of flights arrive into the Houston Field (Woodyard Field). The Houston International Airport is the largest and busiest of the three. From the Houston Field the area travels into downtown Houston and continues to the downtown area.

The Houston Fort Worth International Airport also has a total of three runways. The south runways connect to the Dallas Love Field, which is approximately thirteen miles to the southwest and the Edmond International Airport, which is approximately thirty miles to the northwest.

The north runways connect to the intermediate airports of Fort Worth and Forth Worth. The runways are sometimes referred to as the Fort Worth Southwest Freeway. Southwest Texas is the third-largest city within the Texas Gulf Coast region and is a thriving community in addition to being a thriving airport.

Today, the Houston Executive Airport (SOX) is one of the busiest airports in Texas and the third busiest in the United States. With all the new development taking place at this airport, there will be no doubt that improvements will take place and the improvements include access to the internet, a greater customer service presence, and improved rail service, and even better safety and security. You will want to check online for more Houston airport information so that you are prepared for your next trip.