Tree Removal and Replantation Services

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Tree removal and replanting may seem like a simplistic process, especially if you are just dealing with a tree that is currently damaged, however, in some cases, tree removal and replanting actually serve a very useful purpose for tree trimming. For example, if your house is flooded or you have a tree on your land that is threatening to cause structural damage, tree removal and plucking can help to repair the damage and save you money in the process. Tree removal and plucking also allow you to restore the private property borders to their previous state. It can also help to reduce the risk of invasive species once the tree is removed.

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There are a few different methods for tree removal and plucking depending upon how large the tree needs to be. Tree removal and trimming can often be done by a hired contractor who will visit your property and assess the tree. Once the assessment has been made by the contractor will discuss with you the best method of tree removal and shall conduct the process accordingly.

Tree Removal and Replantation

Private contractors can also remove trees if there is not an adequate public right-of-way. In some towns the removal process must be done by a person and in others it can be left in the hands of a public agency. The public right-of-way is a legal restriction that ensures the safety of pedestrians and residents. The laws for setting up public property and the rules pertaining to tree removal vary from town to town and you should consult with the town attorney before removing a tree in one particular town. This is so that the tree doesn’t cause structural damage that in turn affects the public right-of-way.

Tree removal and pruning are also overseen by the local government. Each state has their own tree cutting regulations as well as the rules that apply to cutting down a tree on private property. Before a tree can be removed from private property, it must be certified by the state as being suitable for cutting down. It also has to be submitted to the appropriate state board for testing and certification. If these requirements are not met then the tree can be removed without a permit.

Tree removal and replanting are also overseen by state and federal laws. For example, trees that are more than 40 years old have to be replanted in a controlled environment without harming or killing the tree. For trees that are removed or planted in a controlled environment, they have to be replanted in areas away from buildings. That way they won’t be overgrown and cause problems.

Final Words

A person who removes a tree on private property without a permit must do the following: remove the tree and dispose of the stump. They need to provide a certificate showing that they removed the tree in the manner prescribed by law and that they got rid of the stump in the proper manner. They also have to make sure that the stump is gone and have the soil remedied. Then they have to cover the area with dirt and cover with another layer of dirt. This is called a buried trench and it’s the only legal way to remove a tree that’s located on private property without a permit.