Find Out What the Data Say About Pediatrician Salaries

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Pediatricians are one of the most popular specialties in the United States. It is a specialization with wide appeal and pays relatively well. The median pediatrician salary ranges from around forty thousand dollars to over one hundred grand a year. Let’s take a look at the salaries of the pediatrician in six states.

Pediatrician Salaries

North Carolina: The state of North Carolina has six pediatrician salaries listed. The median annual salary for these doctors is around $170,561. tenth percentile (tenth percentile of earning more than half of all pediatricians): just over fifty thousand dollars. The highest earning doctors make over two hundred grand a year.

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Wyoming: In Wyoming, the median pediatrician salary is around forty thousand dollars. Doctors earn around sixty grand annually. One in every eight doctors makes less than forty grand a year. Only three percent of pediatricians earn more than one hundred grand a year.

Average Starting Salaries for doctors who enter the field are affected by a variety of factors. Of course, the starting salary is always lower than what a doctor would earn at the top of his or her field Emad Zaki Phoenix. However, if a doctor has a few years of experience and excellent credentials then they can expect to earn more than an entry-level physician.

The average starting salary for a child psychologist or pediatrician is about forty thousand dollars. Once a doctor has been at their job for about four years they typically earn about seventy-five grand a year.

Starting Salaries for pediatricians do vary depending on the specialty that you choose. For example, general practitioners make between forty and seventy thousand dollars a year. This is the average across all specialties, however, you will find that the salaries for physicians with years of experience tend to be higher.

New doctors, on average, earn between forty and eighty thousand dollars a year. You should keep in mind that these numbers are estimates based on the location of your practice and where you live.

A second question that may puzzle people is which are the top-paying states for pediatricians. The data that I was able to dig up indicate that doctors in Alaska, Montana, Oregon, and Washington earn the most money.

Surprisingly, Illinois comes in at number twenty, and California is number twenty-one. Surprisingly, Florida does not come in at number one. Interestingly enough, South Dakota, which is not even in the top twenty, is the state that doctors prefer to work in.