Does the Door Lock Not Open From Inside Even When the Door Handle Is Locked?

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There are many homeowners who have asked themselves this question “does the door lock not open from inside even when the door handle is locked?” It is a very serious and important question to ask especially if you have children or live in a place that is prone to intruders or break ins.

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However, most people do not have a proper understanding of the working mechanisms behind an inside door lock schlüsseldienst staßfurt. So, if you also want to know how to check whether the door lock not opening from inside, then you need to read through the entire article given below.

Does the Door Lock Not Open

A door lock differs from a regular door lock only in the way that an opener installed on the outside can be used to operate the lock also. Normally, the door locks are operated by a simple and single key but with an interior door lock, it becomes possible to use the same key for both the inside and outside operation. Hence, it is important that you take extra care while dealing with these locks and make sure you understand their mechanism completely before installing them yourself.

The first step you need to perform is to turn off the power to the lock and then unscrew the bolt that holds the door lock in place. Then pull out the spring and remove the door from its frame.

Final Words

Now you will have the option of testing the lock yourself or get someone to do it for you as it is a difficult task to do on your own. Even though the job may look simple, it requires enough experience to accomplish successfully.