Journal Of Mental Health And Addiction – Use It To Enhance Your Wellbeing

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Writing a Journal of Mental Health and Addiction is considered as one of the most beneficial tools for staying away from drugs or alcohol. Many addicts feel that being dependent on them is an inevitable step in their path to being sober. But, it does not mean that you should be dependent on them.

Journal Of Mental Health And Addiction

You should be your own best friend and tell everything about yourself through your journal. This journal will help you in gaining a complete understanding of yourself and will also serve as a guide to avoid situations that may lead to drug or alcohol abuse in the future.

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What should be included in your addiction journal? First of all, you need to document the intensity and severity of your addiction. Write down the date when you acquired the habit. Record all the places where you indulged in your addiction. This will help you evaluate how serious your addiction is.

The next thing that should be included in your journal is the changes in your life that you have undergone due to your addiction. This is very important because there are times when an individual indulges in behaviors and substances which are outside his or her normal behavior pattern mental health problems. These things can be very hard to control so you need to record these things accurately. The severity of your addiction can determine the kind of journal you should keep.

Keeping a journal of mental health and addiction is important because you need to see the progression of your addiction. If you find that you are not able to resist the temptations and you are still indulging in your substance of choice, then you need to evaluate your condition. Keep in mind that there is no single solution for every person grappling with substance abuse problems. Therefore, you need to find the reason why you are indulging in this habit and if it is truly necessary.

Once you have identified the reasons for indulging in this habit, then you need to set out plans on how you will break free from your addiction. This can be done by making a list of all the people close to you and who you socialize with so that you will recognize when you are getting close to taking a shot of alcohol. A journal will also help you monitor the progress you are making in overcoming your addiction.

It is advisable to keep a journal of mental health and addiction even after you have overcome your addiction. This is because keeping a journal allows you to reflect on things that might be bothering you when you are not using the substance. You can identify areas of your life that need attention and review the activities that you have done in order to cope with the situation. Your journal can serve as your reminder or guide so that you can continue living a healthy lifestyle.