A Guide to Fencing is an array of three sports disciplines

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Fencing is an array of three sports disciplines. The three disciplines in fencing are the epee, the sabre, and the foil; winning competitions are made through the contact of an opponent with the fencing. The sport of fencing was developed in Germany (which is the country that really brought fencing into the US), and fencing has been enjoying increased popularity in the US ever since.

A Guide to Fencing

There are two major types of fencing: open and closed. In open fencing, there are usually two fencers on each side, working together to form a circle or “table” in order to attack each other from opposite sides. The point of the sport is to be the first to “overcome” the other team by blocking their strikes or punches with your own strikes or punches.

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Credited to German fencing master Kurt Behl, the sport of fencing has come to the US with many of its traditions intact (including the use of two paddles, one in each hand), but the basic rules have stayed largely the same.

In fencing, there is no denying who is the winner. The bout is won when the attacking team scores more points than the defending team before the other team has time to reply mastergroups.com.au. The scoring system for online competitions is very simple. Two points are scored for a touching attack, one point for blocking an attack, and one point for parrying an attack. If an attacking fencer blocks an attack and both wrestlers then touch, that fencer is declared the winner.