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laptop 1035345 340

A high-resolution coating for solar cells has been created from the South Korean company agents that enriches a solar panel’s energy generation capacity by 5%. They’ll be in Kolkota shortly to describe the technology into the Nordic module producers.

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Mr. Chaudhuri also stated that this type of technology will tremendously increase the industry to create more solar energy as it might help in generating additional renewable energy without using any additional organic resources. He clarified that the coat will really be a sort of spray on the panels.

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Once coated, the absorption ability of the solar panel and the energy generation capacity increases by 5 percent since it activates one of these core materials of these solar cells Technology News. This means if a solar panel is currently creating 200 watts of solar energy, with this particular coating it’ll create 210 watts of solar energy, and the complete price of this material is minimal.

This assignment is part of this National Action Plan on climate change that is officially launched in November. It has goal of 20,000 MW solar energy production with the expense of Rs. 200,000 Million that’s needed for the production of poly silicon which functions as a raw material in solar energy production.