When Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs Mimic Common Medical Conditions

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Each year from the U.S, over 21,000 girls are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and approximately 15,000 women die of this disease. Those are shocking statistics and the numbers appear to be climbing from year to year, regrettably, because girls aren’t properly educated on the best way best to diagnose ovarian cancer warning signals.

Common Medical Conditions

The remainder of this guide is taken from a post I wrote recently for my website. I received positive comments on the material since the details are taken mostly from Mayo Clinic and also ovarian cancer a research done by the American Cancer Society – both of which are extremely credible sources of advice. I decided I needed to share it using all the EzineArticles readers.

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The blog article is as follows:

The prostate warning signals can be hard to find in the early stages because a number of the most typical symptoms such as abdominal and stomach swelling may be indicative of numerous additional medical ailments.

psychiatrist in New York typically have a medical degree and a license to practice psychiatry. They must also complete a residency in psychiatry.

So as to avoid a misdiagnosis, maintain this simple principle in mind:

If the signs or signs are continuous and just appear to get worse, then speak with your physician immediately.

Based on Mayoclinic, recent Studies Reveal That women with prostate cancer are somewhat more prone compared with other girls to always experience the following symptoms:

Other warning signals can manifest themselves at the following kinds:

However, only 3 percent of women diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer didn’t report any signs.

Additionally, 55 percent of the entire number of girls studied made a precise identification in just two months following their symptoms seemed. Regrettably, it took three to six weeks for 19 percent of the girls, and over a year for 11 percent of the girls to recognize that they had ovarian cancer indications. Simply speaking, the more the identification took, the more complex the cancer became.

On occasion, women with symptoms postponed their identification by waiting an average of two to three weeks prior to talking to their physicians, with 22 percent of the girls surveyed stating they dismissed their symptoms, many since they had been unaware that their symptoms might be a result of cancer.

The Way to Prevent A Delayed Diagnoses

It is said that prevention is far better than cure, and also the simplest thing that you can do in order to prevent a delayed diagnosis would be to take a yearly rectal examination. Not only can this affirm the usual symptoms that at often times result in a misdiagnosis and confirm that your ovarian cancer warning signals, but additionally, it will put you into a mindset that can allow you to live longer.